Our Page Of Tiny Dick Losers

Sometimes a girl accumulates less than adequate members of the penis society and this is our collection. Want to join send me a picture or clip of your itty bitty penis.

A Sissy Slut is born

There is always that man in a group of men. The one that does not fit in with the crowd he is forced to hang out with by society at standards. He wants to be something else he wants to be in all the pretty things the girls wear. He stares at the girls, but not in the same way that all the other men do. He stares at the girls because he is envious of all the pretty things they are allowed to wear and he is not. One night he is left alone in a house by the women that are part of his day to day life. He pulls out something pretty, silky and very feminine. Something he as always admired but was not allowed to every touch.



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There are reasons why he drawn to all those girly things. Sometimes he knows he is inadequate in the male way that all men judge each other from. Sometimes he just desires to wear things that are taboo to those manly men that he forces himself to hang out with. He wants to be with the women but not just with to be part of them to be a girl. This is the first night that a sissy man starts to change into his true wanting self. He needs a woman to help with the change and eventual transformation of who he will become. This is the beginning point of him becoming the girl that he has been inside. She was always there he was just never allowed to bring that girly side to the surface. With the wearing of that first piece of satin fabric he will never be able to live that lie that he was comfortable in.

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