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I have a great number of toys that I really enjoy playing with.  This is my page to show off my toys and maybe even share some stories on how I enjoy playing with them.  Most of you know I am a huge fan of glass toys and you will see that I own a few of them but always enjoy getting more. I am a lifetime domme so I have a number of toys that are fun in that manner. This will be a lot of fun exploring all the fun things together so make sure you are checking back for the newest thing. 



Sometimes the best way to get someone’s full attention is to take away everything around them. A blindfold can allow someone to have a very intense orgasm and that always makes for a fun night. 




Leather is one of my favorite things especially when it comes to gloves and handjobs. 



These are the most awesome locks every for cock control.  There has to be someone making a lot of money off these somewhere. They remind me of the old lock out locks for machinery. 🙂



This is my personal one for my cuckold. I really like the thought of playing with it. Such Fun! 




Every cock needs a leash and I really like playing with mine. It is fun to give a cock a little “jerk” and bring it to full attention. 




Your cock! A real man’s cock! Any questions bwhahaha!!!! 



I really like this little device for those of you who are not familiar with it , its a parachute cock ring and it is tons of fun. I use mine in  number of different ways. I like to use it with weights to pull  the balls down. I don’t have any pictures of those but what I use is the big river fishing weights and a  “D” ring. You will see that I use “D” rings a lot as I post more and more pictures.  I also enjoy hooking this up to my ball pulling system and stretching out balls with it.  If you have seen any of my other ball stretching videos you will see that most the time I use rope but this is a great fun little toy too. 



I have not got to play with these anywhere near what I would like to. If you have seen the movie of me and Chilly where I laugh at her as she tries to get out of them and a pair of handcuffs that is the only  movie so far that has been made with them. Hoping to change that soon. These are so much fun. I have a hog tie which will go up later or I can put little locks on them. I am a huge fan of leather just the feel and the smell of it. 




One of my favorite play things. I think pony play is  just a lot of fun. I do not have a lot of pony play items but this is certainly a start in what I hope to be a large collection.  




This is a really fun little toy it can be used in front or in back. I hope to play with this a lot more in the coming year with Chilly  Hicks. She likes being a good slut for me. 



This is a fun little toy it is great to use on a man’s balls  or to tease a girl’s feet. It also works great on skin that is having nerve problems. I used it a lot when my leg was healing from being broken. 




One thing you will see a lot of is cock cages and cock straps. I have a fairly large collection of them and I really like them. For me it is fun to control a guys cock and make him beg to be released. Cuckolding is one of my favorite past times. It always enhances the situation when a guy can not even touch his cock so he is forced to watch and wait to be released. 




This is just gorgeous I adore glass toys and try to replace my old toys with glass whenever I can. Glass is awesome it is super easy to clean works great with any lube and warms up to body temperature when played with. I am not much of a ridge girl I like smooth toys and this is one of my favorites. You will see a number of glass toys in my collection and hopefully many more to come. 



It is hard to see in this picture but this is the most gorgeous shade of pink and it’s glass. If you ever cam with me you will probably see this toy I use it all the time on cam and in my own private play. 



This is not my first strapon in fact I think this about 5 or number 6 that I have owned. One of my online guys bought this for me as a gift and it has gotten some use. I tend to wear them out.  There are things I really like about this one and things that are not so great. The harness is awesome it is easy to get on and stays in place. The toy is a great size and shape. The silicon of the toy is great for pussy play but not so awesome for anal play. I am still searching for a fun toy for my submissive boys bottoms. 




Meet Piggie when I rape my money slaves’ wallets piggie oinks for us. I have to say I always laugh so hard when he comes out to play. 




Every girl needs a pair or two!  Not my favorite way to restrain someone as I think rope is  a lot more intimate but I have used them on occasion. 



One of the most wonderful sites is when a submissive has nipple clamps on their nipples and their face gets that wonderful pain and pleasure at the same time.  



This is my favorite flogger for balls if you have bought any of my movies I have a few out there where I am using it for that purpose. It works perfect for a soft seductive stroke or a hard quick snap. 




Yes, this is not a toy really this is my personal set up that I use for stretching out and playing with my sluts balls. I have a couple of eye hooks at different levels in my room so I can stretch up or stretch down. Very cheap set up that is a lot of fun. 




This toy is so cool it has a light element in it that lights up when you turn it on in different colors. It is completely glass so it feels good and will last forever. 



This was the glass toy that started my whole collection and while this one has some things I really do not like I still loved the feel of the glass. Hubby bought this for me years ago on a whim and now that whim has a number of pretty glass friends. Which hopefully will have many more being added to them in years to come. 


DSCN1638 DSCN1639


I absolutely adore a silk and a suede flogger! However, I only own a silk flogger so if anyone is feeling generous it would be greatly appreciated. This can feel wonderful on skin or with the slightest flick of the wrist can make my little slut bounce.  



I really do like this little guy notice he is a devil duckie! One of my online sluts bought this for me and he is so much fun. He vibrates all over and floats in the tub. 




Every slut needs a collar and I great enjoy putting my pets on a leash.



I don’t play with this one very often as I prefer the metal 5 gates. This is a great starter cock strap in that it is not quite as harsh as the others.  



This is one of my favorite toys to use on my sluts.  It makes a cock super hard and when a guy comes he explodes hard. 


DSCN1650 DSCN1652


This is one of my cheapest and one of my most toys. I got these at a hardware store. They are super cheap! I like to stack them up on a cock and then slowly jerk it off. With a slight twist it can become a very fun cbt experience. 




Oh I just really like this toy it is just really pretty. We all know how much I like glass I just think that everything that goes into my pussy should be pretty. 



Every girl needs a little anal now and then. 


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