Chilly Hicks And Diane Callaway PTV Movies

chilyhicksmoviesblogCheck out all my movies I have a number of movies with a lot more coming soon. Make sure you are  checking back often. I have movies with a number of different fetishes anal, glass toys, vibrators, inflatable, giantess, jerk off instruction, sph, balloons, balloons, feminization and many more.  If you have an idea for a movie I would enjoy hearing all about it.

Bad Boy Upskirt


You are a very bad boy and I like it. I know you are bending down just to see up my skirt. I enjoy teasing you with that short mini skirt of mine and those silky panties. 

output_AEnK9LBuy from ChillyHicks through



My legs are all rough and need to be shaved smooth. I take slowly take and shave those legs very smooth. Stripping down I shave my pussy lips till they are kissable smooth.

output_htORwbBuy from Chillys Playtime through

Barefoot Worship


In my pretty matching pink bra and panties I am enjoying teasing you with those matching toes of mine. Putting those toes in your face you can not resist you must kiss and suck them. output_41h1AhBuy from Chillys Playtime through

Balloon Popping Up Close


I am all naked rubbing those over blown balloons all over my body. Sitting on the balloon I bounce up and down with my naked ass and pussy till they pop underneath me.

output_pzXJ0RBuy from Chillys Playtime through

American Swimsuit


All dressed up in my patriotic pride I tease my big D breasts then set them free. I run my pussy all over over before moving that thong bottom to the side to use my favorite toy deep inside. My pussy gets super creamy wet the more that I play with it.

output_gm6kjYBuy from Chillys Playtime through

Grooming Armpits


I have been growing my armpit hair out all the way. Taking a super soft brush I gently brush those soft natural blonde curls all over.

output_Z1CMkNBuy from Chillys Playtime through

Wax Play


Let’s get kinky and get out the wax. You know you like to tease me with that wax. I like how warm it is on my skin.

output_4e6fHsBuy from Chillys Playtime through

Putting  On Pantyhose


I am in my silky full length slip and I am going to slowly put on my full suntan pantyhose. Watch while I slowly pull those hose all the way up to my waist.

output_RwLDvNBuy from Chillys Playtime through

Pantyhose Balloon Popping


I have on my soft silky pantyhose hose. I like playing with balloons the way the feel against my hose is sexy. Bouncing up and down on those pantyhose and making those balloons pop under by bottom is so much fun. Playing with those balloons with my pantyhose covered feet I like to stomp on them feeling them shoot out from underneath my toes. Capturing them again to make them burst under my feet.

output_dBMhVgBuy from Chillys Playtime through

Orgasm Denial


Oh you thought I was going to let you get off? Now why did you think that. I am just going to tease you till you are ready to explode then make you put it all away.output_UvMi6tBuy from Chillys Playtime through



I would never have sex with a complete loser like you. You are out of shape and ugly. I can’t imagine a girl ever wanting someone who looks like you. That tiny dick of yours hides under that big belly because it is so ashamed of you.output_8MZEKzBuy from Chillys Playtime through

Flipping Off


I know you are staring at me in my bikini. You are such a loser and you are worthless. I enjoy flipping you off and telling you what I think about you.

output_ci8x4iBuy from Chillys Playtime through


Finger Worship


I have long skinny fingers that are just waiting for you to suck them. Worship each one of my fingers as they turn you on even more.

output_e6wfyTBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Finger Fucking Up Close


Come lay right between my legs and watch my fingers slowly slide in and out of my very wet pussy. This is an extremely close pov movie.output_vuAgOQBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Fat Wife Skinny Me


Your wife is so nasty and fat unlike me. I know you want me and I am going to use your cock to control you. I like it when you are super hard and begging for my attention

output_QIozxEBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Face Sitting


This is a POV movie of me coming down on your face. Sitting right there on your mouth while you take care off me.output_SDQkbN

Eat My Cum Filled Cunt


I went out to the bar with all my girlfriends and decided to get me a special something. I picked up a nice hard cock at the bar and let him fill up my pussy. Now come over here and clean it up while I tell you all about it.output_c5RdadBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Bra Fetish


Are you into pretty silky bras? Do you like those beautiful D breasts of mine? Worship those creamy white breasts of mine while they pour out of the top of that wonderful bra.output_cz0JUaBuy from Chillys Playtime through

Boots On The Floorbootsonfloorbanner

 I am putting on my black leather high heel boots. I am going to tease you with the smell of that leather and the sound of my heels on the floor. output_bRIGr4

Buy from Chillys Playtime through

BlindfoldblindfoldbannerI have on my pretty pink blindfold and I am ready to serve you in every way. I want to rub my hands all over your body exploring you from top to bottom. Or maybe you would rather tease me.

output_wOTaifBuy from Chillys Playtime through


Belly Button Play


This is all about my belly button I have a brand new belly button jewelry that I start off showing off. Putting it right up in your face I tease that belly button. After playing with my jewelry in my belly button. I take it out and show you that bare hole that I tease with my fingers. I enjoy watching your face as you get more and more turned on by that sexy belly button of mine.output_yhH7EHBuy from Chillys Playtime through

Dirty Cum Slut


Oh to have some fun with a super hard cock. This one is throbbing good for me. I tease that cock till it explodes all over it goes way up in the air.

output_mWhxR4Buy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

High Heels


I am trying on all my high heels. I have small feet and enjoy wearing high heels. I will tease you with all those heels of mine from the crystal clear heels to my black 5 inch stilettos. I like showing off my feet and legs to you.output_VnFCcSBuy from Chillys Playtime through

Cum Eating Instructions


You are just my play thing. I am going to make you stroke that cock of yours until it explodes. Then you are going to lick up every drop of that cum for me.

output_ax5oyGBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Couch Finger Banging


Sitting on the couch and teasing you with that pussy that you want so bad. I slowly start to finger my pussy. It gets super wet under my fingers. We both know you want it so bad.

output_x2JvNYBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Collar Serving My Master


I am a naughty girl that enjoys wearing my collar for my master. I like to serve you and enjoy the things that you have me do to please you.

output_HhHpWuBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Can You Say Cleavage


I like to tease you with that deep cleavage of mine. I know you want those D breasts of mine right in your face.output_FlbJtqBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Dirty Feet


My dirty filthy tiny feet shoved right up in your face. Lick those wrinkly soles! Take those tiny toes into your mouth!output_NTXKUuBuy from Chillys Playtime through

Butt Plug


Oh my tiny little rose bud hole needs some attention. I have one of my favorite anal toys out. I am teasing that ass hole of mine till I make myself come hard.

output_BRiRUmBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Booty Shaking


Shaking that bottom of mine right in front of you. I like to tease you with it. You know you can not take your eyes off that hypnotic bottom of mine.output_iLX7spBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Boot Worship


I like the sound of my leather boots as they click across the floor. You will enjoy kissing all over my boots. Or I will enjoy making you.

output_lA1cBABuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Body Stocking


Do you like a full body stocking? So do I! I feel so sexy and girly when I wear these lacey body stockings.

output_Vl0iNsBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Blue Jeans


It is all about the jeans and my booty. I like teasing you in those tight blue jeans of mine.

output_VhRnpgBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Bikini Tease Neighbor


I know you are watching. I know you stand over the fence and stroke behind that board. I don’t care actually I like the thought of you stroking to me because that wife of yours is a prude.output_W0ZdIPBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Barefoot Toe Wiggle


My tiny little toes are hanging off the edge of the bed. You know you want to suck on each of those toes one by one. Kiss those soles and lick my heels.output_a7u5h5Buy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Bad Cheerleader


I am such a bad cheerleader. I like to tease all the football players, teachers and especially the coaches. I know you want me so bad.badcheerleadergifBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Crushing Dirty Feet


I am having some fun with some packets I picked up at the local fast food place. I squash them under my feet and get that nasty mess all over my toes. Nice close ups!output_Mzso56Buy from Chillys Playtime through



I am in my tight black corset with lots of cleavage to tease you with. Enticing you to peer between those wonderful breasts of mine. I know you are all mine after enticing you closer to those wonderful D size breasts of mine.output_rsJyhyBuy from Chillys Playtime through

Anthony The Pathetic

Sometimes I do movies based on my NF friends and this is one of them. I tell my friend exactly why he is so pathetic and how he would never have me in any way.  output_YNozlsBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Anal Beads


I really enjoy having my ass hole played with. I have one of my favorite sets of anal beads. I like the way they feel as they slide in and slowly pulling them out one by one. My pussy gets super wet when my tight little whole gets teased.

output_srLHB6Buy from Ms Chilly Hicks through


All The Pretty Panties

Do you have a panty fetish? I have all my panties out and I am trying on each pair for you. Which are your favorite thong, gstring, full bottoms? Watch me layer my panties over each other.  

output_0bNapkBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Jerk Off  Instructions Loser


I know you are completely worked up for me and I like that. But I am not giving you any part of my body. I am just going to tease you. I like taunting you and making you want it so bad while I do nothing to get you off. If you want to come you will just have to stroke it like I tell you to.output_L97KqOBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Wet Set


I am wearing my satin night shirt. I enjoy the feel of the water on my clothes. I like the way it clings to my skin and shows off my very hard nipples.

output_SPcXoXBuy from ChillyHicks through

Rubbing Balloon On Pussy

rubbingballoononpussybannerCompletely naked with some fun balloons. I rub those latex balloons all over my pussy. They feel so nice the way they are getting slick and gently pulling at the same time.

output_9IzEh2Buy from ChillyHicks through

Red Dress


In my tight short red dress and white satin panties teasing you with that round bottom of mine. I like to put my booty in the air. Taking my fingers and slowly teasing my tight little ass hole. Te more worked up I get the faster that fingers slides in and out of my ass hole. It feels so good to tease my butt hole and rub my pussy till I come over and over again.

output_tO4QzkBuy from ChillyHicks through

Purple Toy


I am in my very short frilly skirt and teasing you with my big breasts. I like teasing you with that g-string all bent over. Taking out my purple vibrator I plunge it deep inside my pussy.

output_tHD0nyBuy from ChillyHicks through

Pink Toy


I am wearing my american flag bathing suit. Stripping down slowly and teasing my pussy. I take out my bright pink vibrator I make my pussy come hard.

output_mIpoeCBuy from ChillyHicks through


Pantyhose Feet


I am wearing my soft silky suntan sheer pantyhose. Putting my feet up in your face I want you to touch them suck on them and show them all kinds of attention.

output_sI4SMVBuy from ChillyHicks through

Oil Me Up


Getting out the baby oil and making those large D breasts of mine super shiny and very slick. Rubbing that oil all over while I tease those nipples.

output_UAkcJrBuy from ChillyHicks through

Living Room Floor Fuck


In my very short short shorts I tease you in the living room. I have brought a special surprise for you to watch. I take and stick my toy to the floor, strip off my  skimpy clothes and right my toy. I know you like to watch me bounce all on that toy.

output_U75DuVBuy from ChillyHicks through


Layering Movie


I have cleaned out my panty drawer and I am trying on all my panties one over another. I have thongs, gstrings, mesh panties, full bottoms, satin, and lace. 

output_wq0k4XBuy from ChillyHicks through

Hitachi Blast


In my soft cotton boy shorts and matching top I start to tease my pussy through my shorts. I get out my hitachi wand and make myself super wet in those shorts. Taking them off I tease my nipples pulling them way out and then making my pussy super wet. 

output_24l4ZJBuy from ChillyHicks through

Hairy Pussy


I have grown out my naturally blonde hair in all areas. My pretty curls are right up in your face and I am teasing you with that pussy of mine. I know you want it. Watch me play in that very hairy pussy. 

output_k58BvzBuy from ChillyHicks through

Hairy Cunt


Starting out sucking on a big thick cock getting it ready for my full grown out pussy. It is super blonde and very hairy. At first I climb on top to take that cock deep. He rolls me over and pounds me from behind just to come all over those pretty curls. 

output_qvzEHtBuy from ChillyHicks through

Fuck BBC Toy


I am in my bright pink fishnet outfit. I want a big thick cock but I will have to settle for my HUGE black dildo. This thing is so massive I can not even get my fingers around it. Watch my little pussy take every inch of it. 

output_GLdFZ2Buy from ChillyHicks through

Flip Flops


This is all about my tiny feet in flip flops I know it draws you in. I great enjoy teasing you with those long toes. Dangling those flip flops in your face I make you want it so bad. 

output_LLAniABuy from ChillyHicks through

Dirty Peeping Tom


You are such a bad boy and refuse to leave while I am trying to change. At first I get angry and then I just do not care I am changing whether you leave or not. 

output_qxFn3pBuy from ChillyHicks through


Bubble Bath


Its bath time and I can not get enough of these bubbles. They feel so good being rubbed across my naked body. 

output_hVvRpOBuy from ChillyHicks through

Brush Hairy Pussy

brushhairypussy banner

My pussy hair is completely grown out and it is super long. I am a natural blonde with pretty blonde curls. I take a brush and slowly brush my pretty pussy curls. 

output_m2amgBBuy from ChillyHicks through

Being A Widemouth


I am wearing my super sheer suntan full pantyhose and my pretty pink lace bra. I have one of my biggest toys out. With my face towards you I am teasing you while I suck that toy all the way down my tiny mouth. 

output_Kvx37eBuy from ChillyHicks through


Balloon Sounds


Playing with balloons is so much fun I really like the way they sound as they rub together. The feel of the balloons on my skin and the way they smell makes them even more fun to play with.

output_JytecQBuy from ChillyHicks through

Armpit Jerkoff


My armpit hair is completely grown out super soft and very long natural blonde. My boyfriend takes his super hard cock and rubs it all across those blonde curls. He strokes his cock teasing my armpits till he comes all over them. 

output_0CeIMFBuy from ChillyHicks through

Tits And Feet


This is all about those big breasts of mine and those bright red toes. I am ready to tease you to complete surrender. Worship those beautiful nipples while your cock grows super hard for me. 



Teasing Todd


I like to tease a man and my friend Todd needs to be tormented. You know you want to be the one getting this kind of teasing. If you want your own “todd” movie shoot me an email so we can discuss it. 


Spanking Bottom


I am wearing my very short school girl skirt with my black thong. I know I have been a very bad girl and need that bottom spanked hard. Watch me spank my bottom till it is very red.

output_VR2fH7Buy from ChillyHicks through

Panty Stuffing

pantystuffing banner

In my satin nightie with those shiny thong panties on. I tease my pussy and push those panties into my tight little hole till they disappear. I slowly pull them out while I tease my cunt. 

output_E1M26QBuy from ChillyHicks through

Let’s Do Your Makeup


I know you are a sissy inside and want to learn how to do your makeup. You envy for us girls is very apparent. I will show you how to become the girl inside you really are.

output_iGVsIvBuy from ChillyHicks through

Fuzzy Wuzzy


Goddess Diane Callaway is teaching me how to be a mean Goddess by using scratchy itchy wool all over a cock and balls. 

output_NiTmi9Buy from ChillyHicks through

Feel Of Those Stockings


I like pantyhose they feel so good against my skin. I tease my sweet pussy in these full suntan pantyhose. Rubbing my fingers all over till I get super wet. 

output_xRq29iBuy from ChillyHicks through



All dressed up in my business suit and my eyeglasses. I know how much like this nerdy look. Come strip me out of this suit and see what is underneath. 

output_jDWVYgBuy from ChillyHicks through

Cheating School Girl


I am a naughty girl sitting in your office. This couch is made for more than just sitting you know. I want you to give me what I am asking for so I am going to use all my skills to get it. Can you resist?

output_ltrDNdBuy from ChillyHicks through

Blue Frill


I am in my very short very frill blue skirt with my full bottom panties. Sucking on that big cock in front of me I get it super hard.  Climbing on top of a nice thick penis I ride it hard till it comes. 

output_ZTKdWkBuy from ChillyHicks through

All About The Suck

allaboutthesuckbannerThis is a pov movie of me sucking a super thick cock. It is wrapped in a thick cock strap that brings out all the veins. I like the feel of my tiny mouth being stretched out by the huge thick cock. 

output_AIbH9oBuy from ChillyHicks through

School Girl Suck Hot Blow Job


I am all dressed up in my pretty school girl outfit. I have full bottom panties on. I need that big thick cock between my lips. Push that cock deep in my throat. 

output_Sm4KCTBuy from ChillyHicks through

Rough Day Nipple, Glass Pussy Play


Back when I had my itty bitty boobies and super hard nipples. I am having a rough day so I decide to come home and enjoy some me time. I get out my favorite glass toy and enjoy the feeling of how it gets super slippery wet.  Teasing those nipples and my pussy till I come hard. 

output_9FwXoTBuy from ChillyHicks through

Pink Collar


I am in my very tight very sheer little black dress with my bright pink collar. I know I belong to you and I want to be your very good girl. Putting my collar on I am ready to submit to my Master. 

output_8l45S7Buy from ChillyHicks through

Orange G-String


My bright orange g string and my bright purple vibrator. Teasing my pussy till it is super wet then plunging my vibrator deep inside. 

output_gyDsWsBuy from ChillyHicks through

Make Em Super Wet


I am super horny with no one to help me out. I strip down to my bright panties for some solo fun. Letting my fingers slide in those panties I tease my pussy. It tastes so good you should come have a lick. 

output_P5zMIcBuy from ChillyHicks through

Loser Boy


This is a sph movie. I enjoy teasing you with what you can not have. I know you want me so bad but I will never let your pathetic member close to me. Go ahead use two fingers and stroke that itty bitty bit. 


Buy from ChillyHicks through

Lick Bottom Of My Boots


I have my tall shiny black leather boots on. You are going to crawl over here and lick the bottoms of my boots. 


Buy from ChillyHicks through


Hose Destruction

hosedestruction banner

I am in the mood to destroy something. I have decided to rip off these pantyhose. Teasing myself while I destroy these beautiful silky hose. 


Buy from ChillyHicks through



cuckolding you banner

I have a confession and I can’t keep it inside anymore. I really do care for you but your lack of size down below just leaves me unsatisfied. I have to go get me something with a little more girth and length. I know you will understand. 



Trampling Little Man


I am in my black shiny boots and I have shrunken you down till you are tiny. I will tease you and then crush you with those black shiny boots of mine. When you think you have had all you can take I kneel down on you and squash you even flatter with my knee. To finish you off I use the sharp heel of my boot. 

output_ObtfnLBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through


Pantyhose & Oil 

pantyhose and oil banner

Wearing my sheer pantyhose I get out my bottle of oil. Smearing that oil all over my hose it just a sexy naughty feeling. 

pantyhoseandoilgifBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through


Hairy Pussy Up & Close

hairy pussy up close and personal banner

This is an extremely close movie of my sweet pussy. I am rubbing it and you can see it get wet. I am teasing it with my fingers. Look how it opens up as it gets more worked up. I am also very hairy and all grown out. 

hairpussygifBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through




I am having some fun with balloons. Watch me blow them up and make them super big. Then I slip my five inch heels on and stomp them.

Buy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Ass Worship

assworship banner

I know you like that bottom of mine. Lay down and look up underneath that short skirt of mine. I know you can not take your eyes off those panties covering my pretty pussy.


Buy from Chillys Playtime through



I get out my inflatable raft rubbing it all over my lingerie and panties. I like the way it sounds as I bounce up and down on that plastic. Riding that blown up raft I feel it between my thighs teasing you about it. 

output_kGTnLaBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

How To Put On Pantyhose

blank banner how to put on ph

All my sissies and pantyhose boys out there this movie is for you. I take a pair of suntan full pantyhose and slowly put them on. Showing you how to roll them up and smooth them flat. 

output_spytw9Buy from Ms Chilly Hicks through


blank banner homewrecker

I am that kind of girl that enjoys causing problems in your home. I will make you feel like that wife of yours never has; then I will taunt you right in front of her. Destroying your home gives me so much pleasure and when I have accomplished my task. I will dump you and move onto someone else. 


output_IRAuvwBuy from Ms Chilly Hicks through

Wet T Shirt 

wet shirt banner

Teasing you with a wet tshirt and making those nipples stick way out at complete attention. 

wetshirtgifBuy from ChillyHicks through

Upskirt Dirty Boyupskirt dirty boy banner

You are such a naughty boy looking up my skirt like that. Tell me do you like what you see? 

upskirtdirtyboygifBuy from ChillyHicks through



strip banner

I like to tease it is one of my favorite things to do. Slowly taking off my dress and those girly things underneath. I keep drawing you further and further in. 

stripgifBuy from ChillyHicks through


giantess banner

You think you are big and bad but I am going to shrink you down to size. You will fit into my breasts when I am done with you and become my own personal accessory. 


Buy from ChillyHicks through


cheerleader tease banner

Chilly is in her tiny cheerleader outfit and ready to seduce you. She knows that you will not be able to resist if she teases you enough. Those big breasts are trying to get out of that tiny little top of hers. Slidding off her panties and teasing you with what is underneath. She spreads her pretty shaved pussy open wide. Teases you with that big toy she pushes that toy deep inside as she stretches her whole out big and wide. She pounds that pussy of hers and pinches her nipples hard. Climbing up on top she rides that big thick toy hard and deep. When her pussy is really creamy all that cum dripping from her pussy she licks that cum off her toy. 

cheerleadergifBuy from ChillyHicks through


Booty Tease

booty tease banner

I am teasing you with that round booty of mine. Putting it right up in your face while I grind it all over. I like to bounce that booty right up close. 

bootyteasegifBuy from ChillyHicks through


Blue Satin Tease

blue satin tease banner

The pretty soft silky fabric of satin against my skin. The feel of that fabric brushing against my skin and teasing you with that satin that you adore. 


Buy from ChillyHicks through

Black Shiny Boots

black shiny boots banner

I am putting on my high heel black shiny boots for you to come kiss and worship. Get over here and show your complete admiration for these leather boots. 

blackshinybootsgifBuy from ChillyHicks through



bikini banner

Red hot bikini and me teasing you with those curves. This is all about the tease. 

bikinigifBuy from ChillyHicks through

Big Squiggly Balloon

big squiggly balloon banner

This is a HUGE balloon that I have a great time blowing up. I really like to rub it all over my body and ride the balloon. It is so much fun.

bigsquigglyballoongifBuy from ChillyHicks through

Beach Ball Fun

beach ball fun banner

Chilly is having a great time playing with her brand new beach ball. She starts out blowing it all the way up and making it a lot of fun. She expands it all the way out blowing it up with her own breathe. She then bounces it around and plays with it with those tiny feet of hers. Climbing up on top of the ball she rolls her pussy all over it. Stripping off her bikini top she rolls her big D breasts all over that slick beach ball. Slidding off those bikini bottoms she rolls this ball all over her pussy. Then climbs on top and lets that beach ball spread out over that inflatable ball. Rapping her body around that ball she squashes as she lets all the air out. Hugging it tight she makes it go completely flat. 

beachballfungifBuy from ChillyHicks through


Sexy Nerdy Girl 

sexy nerdy girl banner

Wearing my glasses and my business suit I am all about what needs to be brought to completion today. I see you staring at me across the office. I know what you want. 


Buy from ChillyHicks through

Self Spanking

self spanking banner

I have been a very bad girl and my bottom needs to be made very red. You are not around so I spank my bottom hard till it is a very pretty shade of red. 

selfspankinggifBuy from ChillyHicks through


Pretty Dresses For You

prettydresses banner

I have picked out some pretty dresses for you to put on and for us to play in together. They are super girly and just what a sissy like you needs. Long and flowing all the way down with tiny buttons in front. How about a dancing dress with a slit clear up to the hip. Look at the pretty blue girly dress that will make you feel so special. 

output_rVoVexBuy from ChillyHicks through


Pillow Humping

pillowhumping banner

Chilly Hicks has her big body pillow and she is going to have some fun rubbing her pussy all over that pillow until it soaking wet with her pussy juices. Starting out in her pink bra and black panties she slowly rubs her cunt all over till it soaks those panties. Stripping down to expose her big D breasts and tight little tummy she starts grinding that dripping pussy all over. Using the roughness of the fabric to tease her pussy she makes her self come super hard. 

pillowhumpinggifBuy from ChillyHicks through



pantyhose banner

Wearing my suntan pantyhose just for you so that you can worship those toes and silky thighs. The smell of my feet as I put them in your face and make you sniff them hard. You can not resist that silky softness. 

pantyhosegifBuy from ChillyHicks through


Panties & Pantyhose

panties and pantyhose banner

Soft pantyhose just waiting to be touched. Rubbing my fingers  up and down those silky soft hose. Come here and touch those tiny little toes of mine. 

pantiesandpantyhosegifBuy from ChillyHicks through

Mr. Banana

mr banana banner

Chilly Hicks has a very big inflatable toy to play with. She really likes her huge Mr. Banana. Wearing her red vinyl suit while she grinds all over the squeaky fun toy. Her nipples get super hard when she pulls them out of her skin tight outfit to let them be teased by the inflatable. The harder she rubs against her huge toy the wetter her pussy gets. It feels so good just rubbing her clit and lips against that toy that starts out sticky but the wetter it gets the slicker it gets. She makes herself come all over that toy. 

mrbananagifBuy from ChillyHicks through



lipstick banner

Nothing makes a girl feel more sexy than bright red lipstick. I am putting it on and teasing you with each layer. I like to kiss right up to your face I know how much it turns you on. 

lipstickgifBuy from ChillyHicks through


Jerk Off

jerkoff banner

You are my room mate and I catch you jerking off in the living room. You are so gross and disgusting. Well I am not going to let you off that  easy you are going to stroke that cock until you make it come for me.

jerkoffgifBuy from ChillyHicks through

Jerk Off Instructions

jerkoff instructions banner

Let’s have some fun I will tell you how to play and you will do as you are told. It will be a lot of fun. Maybe I will let you play fast or maybe I will slow it way down.

jerkoffinstructiongifBuy from ChillyHicks through



taunting in blue jeans banner

Tight blue jeans and a big booty teasing you with that bottom of mine. Putting that booty right up in your face and grinding it good. 

tauntinginbluejeansgifBuy from ChillyHicks through


Itty Bitty Loser Dicky

tiny tiny sph banner

Wearing a dress that shows off my gorgeous cleavage. The problem is your package does not match my package at all. In fact you are just way too tiny for me to  even want to take this dress off for you.

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Taking my favorite inflatable raft and blowing it all the way up. I ride it and let it slide between my legs. The feel of the pvc is wonderful on my skin. I come all over the plastic over and over. 

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Hitachi Inflatable

hitachi inflatable bannerChilly Hicks is having a great time with her inflatable ring raft.  She likes the smell and feel of that raft. The squeaky sound of that raft is such a turn on for her. She grinds her bottom all over that ring. Chilly is bouncing up and down in her black string bikini.  She gets out her hitachi magic wand and starts to tease her pussy. Pulling her breasts out of her bikini she makes those nipples super hard. She rubs her wand all over her nipples and then down to her shaved cunt. Her pussy gets so wet from those hard vibrations off her wand. Chilly’s clit gets so swollen from the feel of that vibrator. Bouncing on her slick inflatable just makes her come harder and faster.  


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Glass Toy 

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Chilly Hicks has her favorite cobalt blue glass toy. She is rubbing that cool glass all over her hard perky nipples. Teasing her pussy through her panties before she pulls them to the side to make that clit of her hard and perky.  Chilly likes the feel of the glass on her skin the way it slowly warms to the touch. When she pushes that glass dildo inside her pussy it instantly gets super wet.  Chilly can not get enough of that dildo sliding in and out of her now super wet cunt. Pulling that toy out she licks her juices all over tasting her own cum all over that pretty glass toy. Her pussy is throbbing needing to come all over that toy squeezing down onto it and pulling it deeper inside her.  


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Glass Butt Plug


Chilly is in her bright blue mesh lingerie her pretty glass anal toy matches her outfit. She slowly strips out of lingerie down to her pretty g string riding right between pretty ass cheeks. Putting her bottom way up in air she slides that smooth glass toy deep inside her tight ass hole. Pushing that deep inside she makes herself come with her glass toy sliding in and out of her. 

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Chilly is the mood for a real man not something like you with your tiny little dick. She thinks you are such a sissy bitch that she decides you need a new name and that is “Erica”. She gets her big huge black toy out and takes that toy all the way to the balls. She tells you why she would would never fuck that tiny fast squirting sissy dick of yours. Listen to how wet her pussy gets off that real man size cock. 
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Double Penetration Glass Toys 

dp glass toys banner

Chilly has her two glass toys and is going to have some fun with her two tight holes. Stripping out of her striped lingerie she teases her pussy and ass with both those toys. Plunging them deep inside she likes the way they make her feel. Using her glass toys hard and fast she makes her self come over and over.
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Cleavage Worship 

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Chilly is in her tight corset top her breasts are trying to escape out of the top. Her cleavage is there in your face and you want to put your face right between those creamy beautiful breasts of her. Chilly entices you in and makes you stare down between those breasts. You can’t help but crave those nipples between your lips. You want it but you can not help but wanting those tiny hard nipples slipping between your lips. 

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Cold Glass

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Chilly has put her favorite dark blue glass toy in the freezer and it is super cold. See the frost all over her toy. She rubs it over her nipples making them super hard. Then takes that very cold toy and teases her pussy with it. She makes herself come all over that super cold toy.  

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