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Katy Churchill Naughty neighbor is ready for anything! Niteflirt

Katy Churchill

My good-girl smile hides a wild side a mile wide, and I’m dying to show you how bad I can get! I’m home alone and horny, and I can’t wait for us to get off together! Nothing pleases me more than some sexy dirty talk and hot fetish play. I’m very open-minded and kinky, and my phone line is a fetish-friendly place. Bring me your fantasies and listen to me bring them to life! I love getting off with you, and sexy, creative roleplays really turn me on. If you want a real girl with a hot body and a nasty mind, who enjoys exploring new fetishes with callers, give me a ring! You and your cock won’t be disappointed.

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Queen Of Castration and Emasculation Goddess Natasha

1616Queen of Castration and Emasculation

I am quite fascinated by castration and intrigued by all the implements as well as the psychological aspects. Castration appeals to Me on many levels fueling My cruel streak as well as the idea of Dominant Females being in total control!

It all began 9 years ago when I actually witnessed a castration. This particular event is burned in My memory and is not one I will EVER forget. Witnessing the humiliation, the physical helplessness and vulnerability as well as the actual event and the after effects were thrilling and erotic!

Since then My interest has only grown as I have collected equipment over the years and recorded many videos and audio recordings that feature castration. I have a very active imagination and the idea of forced castration and ritualistic castration is especially erotic to Me! For instance, in The New World Order you have violated a prime directive and you come before the board to be judged and sentenced.

Or the role play fantasy of a forced castration. Thinking about it, imagining what it would be like and what it would entail. Of course, in your fantasy your castration emasculation has always been performed by an attractive Dominant Woman.We have talked about it for months now and you have begged Me, pleaded with Me to remove your balls. I agree to meet you…the last thing you remember is knocking at My door. Now reality is setting in as you find yourself vulnerable and at My mercy. When you turn your head, you see the sadistic smile on My face and realize for Me your castration was not just a fantasy!

Maybe I will take you through a ritualistic castration where you will spend the day gazing at the gelding bench and I will explain to you the ritual that you will undergo. Restrained and helpless while other Women are witnesses to your pain and suffering! your balls will be removed as there is no use for them. your emasculation and castration will ensure your masculinity is stripped away.


castration and emasculation

To engage in an erotic and exciting castration and emasculation scene call Me The Queen of Castration and Emasculation!

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Katy Churchill Curvy Body Curvy Body * Hairy Bush & Ass * HD Cam Niteflirt


Ever since I moved into the neighborhood, things have been heating up! With my naturally perky 36D boobs and plump, soft, and round belly, I’ve been drawing stares as I walk by. I’ve seen you watching me, and now is your chance to see everything! I love stripping down in front of my webcam and getting naughty with you and for you. I like to play with my toys, and I always get wet when you turn on your cam for me…I like to watch, too!

Buy my Skype ID to cam with me (and get some sexy nude pics)!

Enjoy my boobs, belly, bush, and bum in full HD with audio on a Skype webcam call! I love getting off for and with you, anal, blowjobs, toys, dirty talk, foot fetish fun, and sexy, creative roleplays. I’ve got a kinky side and enjoy exploring fetishes with callers, so give me a ring! With a girl like me living next door you’ll love staying home alone!



My hairy pussy and ass are to die for! Remove the hearts and get 11 high-res, uncensored photos of my beautiful, untamed bush! Hairy at the front and all the way around the back, this sexy photo set is a steal for $2!
I hooked up with a friend of mine in a hotel room…spy on the hot action! We have sex in several positions, and although he doesn’t cum, I sure do…and you will too! Just $10.99!

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Lifestyle Female Supremacist ~ Goddess Natasha

I am called GODDESS because I have always lived a lifestyle of FEMALE SUPERIORITY. I have observed that in truth men are lowly, inferior creatures who are interested only in whatever means they can find to satisfy their need to unload the jizz from their balls. Even when they pursue a business or professional career to earn a ton of money and gain high social status they are doing it as a means to have some woman help them to get an erection and cum. I believe this masculine sexual need should be exploited by Women. It is their single minded, insatiable need to satisfy their cocks that makes men inferior and vulnerable to Domination by a Superior Woman. Mans rightful place is under My feet as a lowly slave or in My cage as a helpless creature. Superior Women have the right to exploit men either by making them slaves or using them for their sexual pleasure. And that is what I intend for you. You need a Superior Woman to train you in how to serve and how to be owned. That is why you came to Me. So, get down on your knees and surrender to Goddess.

A phone encounter with Me will be a unique and different experience. See I am interested in the mental aspects of dominating you. It is really no challenge to physically dominate you. I want to be inside your head. I want to learn every secret and every secret desire you have ever had! That is true power. That is what will enable Me to manipulate and control you!

My methods and ways to control you are endless! Just some of My subtle and devious ways to enthrall and control you are Femdom hypnosis, orgasm control, cock control, emasculation, humiliation, mental domination, small penis humiliation, chastity, guided masturbation, manipulation, emotional draining, visualization, and confessionals.


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Cuckolding Princess Homewrecker Cock Control

We have some great online friends who have some blogs that are just a lot of fun to read. One of our special friends is Cuckolding Princess. She is a lot like myself in that she enjoys cuckolding her men. She gets a little evil smile when she thinks about cock control. Give Cuckolding Princess a call if you really want to know how big a loser you are; well all know that you are one. She has been on Niteflirt since 2007. She has played enough to truly know what she enjoys and how to get both you and her to that fun point.

cuckolding princess3

Most women will sneak around another man’s wife. Cuckolding Princess is not one of those types of girls. She has been known to send a letter to many wives explaining to them why they should cuckold their husbands. There are many times in life when home wrecking is a good thing especially if the wife learns to take control of her household. Cuckolding Princess enjoys giving a complete humiliation. In all ways.cuckolding princess 1


There are two types of men those that Cuckolding Princess enjoys those BBC (big black cock’s) and then yours. Cock size does matter very few of us women will tell you the truth the few of us that are honest will rip your manhood apart. Do you think you can handle the truth or will you fall to your knees babbling about how it is not that small. Real men get what they want and the others become men in panties. Men in panties all learn one lesson first and that is how to properly eat a cream pie left by all those real men.

cuckolding princess4

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