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This was a fun night with a really nice guy. He was single when we played but he and his wife patched things up so we never got to play again. He was really great about letting my cuck suck his nice black cock. I enjoyed dipping his cock into my pussy than having cuck lick it up. Climbing on top and riding his super thick shaft made my pussy super wet.  I had a lot of fun teasing his cock. Putting my huge breasts in his face making him lick those nipples while his cock throbbed deep inside.  That BBC was so worked up and his balls were heavy with cum. I made him wait but he wanted to explode.  He left a nice load in my pussy that my cuckold cleaned up every drop.

Beat Those Balls

I only got to play with this gentleman one night but it was great night. After we played he met a great lady who abused him on a regular basis. Most the guys I play with are not into having their ball abused to the level he was into. I really enjoyed pulling out some of my toys that rarely get pulled out. He enjoyed having his balls beat with my rope whip. I adore this in that it is super soft to brush against someone’s skin. It has a lot of bite when I give it a snap of my wrist.  We had a great time making him suck cock generally my husband likes to be the submissive one. In this, case he had a great time being dominant with our good little bitch. I

I am playing with an older gentleman who enjoys cbt as much as I do. It made for a fun night to let myself go in wasy that I owuld not generally do. I would have enjoyed tying him up so he could not move but that was not an option due to being a hotel room. They may have found it odd if I had taken a cross into my room.  Even with the limitations that our enviroment gave us I was able to use a large variety of  different whips and spank those balls very hard.

He had a high threshold of pain that I was only able to begin exploring through the course of our evening. My cuckold helps tease this gentleman while I spank him hard. Those red marks on his cock and testicles were such a turn on for me.  The little whelps coming up each time I struck him made him whimper in such a lovely way. So much fun.

BBC Makes Me Cum

BBC Makes Me Cum

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