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Ever since I moved into the neighborhood, things have been heating up! With my naturally perky 36D boobs and plump, soft, and round belly, I’ve been drawing stares as I walk by. I’ve seen you watching me, and now is your chance to see everything! I love stripping down in front of my webcam and getting naughty with you and for you. I like to play with my toys, and I always get wet when you turn on your cam for me…I like to watch, too!

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Enjoy my boobs, belly, bush, and bum in full HD with audio on a Skype webcam call! I love getting off for and with you, anal, blowjobs, toys, dirty talk, foot fetish fun, and sexy, creative roleplays. I’ve got a kinky side and enjoy exploring fetishes with callers, so give me a ring! With a girl like me living next door you’ll love staying home alone!



My hairy pussy and ass are to die for! Remove the hearts and get 11 high-res, uncensored photos of my beautiful, untamed bush! Hairy at the front and all the way around the back, this sexy photo set is a steal for $2!
I hooked up with a friend of mine in a hotel room…spy on the hot action! We have sex in several positions, and although he doesn’t cum, I sure do…and you will too! Just $10.99!

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Green Ruffles Tiny Loser Dick

Making a slut go get some new fun things to play with is always a way to make my days go better. In this case I sent him out with a list of items that I demanded he bring back to me. The first was a pair of panties with lace on the back of them. I knew these would be hard to find that is why I was so specific in what I wanted. I guess the sales lady had a bunch of fun laughing at my sissy boy while he tried to make her think the panties were a “gift” for me. Of course I already knew which store had them before I ever sent him out the door. Of course I had already tipped the sales lady well and showed her his picture. She let him go on for a bit before busting his bubble. Then she proceeded to embarrasses him with all the other sales ladies. It does a sissy good to feel the complete humiliation of knowing he is flat out busted.


Next on my list was a cock cage so that he would not be tempted to play with himself for the rest of the day. Of course I told him that he had to have it put on by the sales lady. He fussed about this but in the end I won I always win. download16

The last thing on my list was a brand new rabbit toy. He could not just run in and buy it then run out of the store. I told him I wanted it gift wrapped in a fancy box by one of my friends who is a professional gift wrapper. I sent him to her place so that she could make a big fuss over it while all the other ladies just had a huge laugh at my sissies expense.


In the end though he had a wonderful time being under my complete control and doing all the humiliating errands I sent him on. Every sissy needs to have at least one day where he is completely embarrassed from the time he gets up in the morning to when he is finally allowed to go to sleep at night. The greatest part of this whole day was listening to my little slut beg for me to not make him do the task that was required of him. He knew better than to fail me!

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Lifestyle Female Supremacist ~ Goddess Natasha

I am called GODDESS because I have always lived a lifestyle of FEMALE SUPERIORITY. I have observed that in truth men are lowly, inferior creatures who are interested only in whatever means they can find to satisfy their need to unload the jizz from their balls. Even when they pursue a business or professional career to earn a ton of money and gain high social status they are doing it as a means to have some woman help them to get an erection and cum. I believe this masculine sexual need should be exploited by Women. It is their single minded, insatiable need to satisfy their cocks that makes men inferior and vulnerable to Domination by a Superior Woman. Mans rightful place is under My feet as a lowly slave or in My cage as a helpless creature. Superior Women have the right to exploit men either by making them slaves or using them for their sexual pleasure. And that is what I intend for you. You need a Superior Woman to train you in how to serve and how to be owned. That is why you came to Me. So, get down on your knees and surrender to Goddess.

A phone encounter with Me will be a unique and different experience. See I am interested in the mental aspects of dominating you. It is really no challenge to physically dominate you. I want to be inside your head. I want to learn every secret and every secret desire you have ever had! That is true power. That is what will enable Me to manipulate and control you!

My methods and ways to control you are endless! Just some of My subtle and devious ways to enthrall and control you are Femdom hypnosis, orgasm control, cock control, emasculation, humiliation, mental domination, small penis humiliation, chastity, guided masturbation, manipulation, emotional draining, visualization, and confessionals.


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Ball Busting

One of the most common pain fantasies I get a request for is ball busting. It seems to be the most common scenario that men have happen to them in real life. A woman gets angry at a man for some reason and knees or hits him in the testicles. This causes a great deal of pain for a young man and leaves a lasting impression.  Men start to think about a woman being in complete control of them and causing them discomfort they often think back to these very incidents. Guy did not necessarily enjoy these situations in most cases they did not. It is easy for them to fantasize about because the fantasy is based on real life experience.

For most men it is less about the reality of the pain but more about the build up and anticipation of what will happen. They want a woman to control their whole world including their sexuality. Ball busting of course leaves a man feeling completely immobilized and unable to function as a man. Often the men enjoy the sensation of laying at a woman’s feet while she laughs at them. The more mean a woman sounds the more of turn on it is for men that enjoy this type of role play. Being heckled by a woman or group of women is a sense of humiliation that leaves them in a state of helplessness.

ball busting, cock and ball torture, humiliation, women dominance

Their testicles being hit in a direct hard manner leaves a man breathless and often unable to move. For most men it crumbles them into a fetal position. This too works in conjunction with their want to feel underneath a woman’s total power. If they are unable to defend themselves then she can do with them as she wishes. Rarely are these men truly into pain. It is not about the sensation of pain they are seeking. What they are generally wanting is the freefall emotional sensation of someone taking everything from them. They want to know there is nothing they can do physically to stop a woman from doing what she desires. They want to know that emotionally once she takes away their perception of manhood they are in a state of complete humiliation.

While some men enjoy the loss of breath. The burst of pain throughout their groin radiating out to their full body. The man seeking the release of responsibility.  Both in his thoughts and body is far more common.


Diane Callaway Hot American Girl

belly fetish crutches fetish clothing jiggle

Push The Button Below To Hear My Voice

I am the girl next door the one you meet at the grocery store. I will make you back out to my car and give you a blow job right there where everyone can see. We can sneak out behind the store to the alley and fuck you on top of the old produce boxes. I enjoy sex in public places and do not care if we are seen. There is something so sensual about having outdoor sex the feel to the wind, the rain, and even the coolness makes the adventure even more enticing. Let’s sit together in a restaurant and have some mutual masturbation fun I am not the girl you want to date. I enjoy having my picture taken and have a lot of erotic photographs for you to stare at when I am not around. I will have fun with your buddies just because they have a nice cock and I like my cocks nice. Do not go to sleep in my bed you might just wake up tied up. I will be standing right there beside the bed with my favorite strap-on ready to play role reverse.  I have been known to lock a man up in chastity check out all my DEVICES. Oh you didn’t notice that big eye hook above my bed well I guess you should have paid more attention to your surroundings than my big breasts. Now you are going to be suspended off the bed for me to have my own play time rope play is wonderful fun. Oh sorry you can not speak my panties are in your mouth. Your body is my play thing and I like to play nasty. I will drain your balls and leave you spent begging for more.

Are you into a real woman? Do you like a woman with soft curves, silky skin a little bit of jiggle in all those lovely woman spots? Maybe you have a bit of a belly fetish just a little to add to those curves. As most of you know I broke my leg awhile back so I know all about being on crutches. I know how it feels to be in a cast and I know there is a huge fetish for this. I adore fetish clothing, the leather, latex, satin, silk, pantyhose and costumes of any kind add a wonderful spice to life.

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Social Marketing Ghost Writing

I am offering ghost writing for listings and profiles. If you are needing help with key words, expanding your writing, writing to a certain niche, or making things more interesting please email me.

I charge .04 a word with a 300 word minimum. There is a reason for 300 words. The search engines will not pick up anything under 300 words.
Are you trying to build a blog but just can not seem to get it off the ground contact me.

I can help you set up a calendar for blog subjects.

Help you with key words for your niche.

Help you with finding free content that you can expand on for your blog.

I can write blog posts for you on specific fetishes that you actually deal with or would like to invite. These would be your articles that would not be used by myself or anyone else.
Are you struggling with social media trying to figure out what to post about? I can help you with this with an indepth breakdown of what you have now and how to improve that. I charge $20 for this and can generally have it done in a day.

If you are needing a social media calendar I can help with this at well. This will be 52 weeks of content one a day. For $20 if you are wanting more per day I can do that as well.  Ever social media outlet has a different recommendation I can help you work out how often you should be posting on social media.

I will do a BASIC 10 point break down of social media for anyone for free. Just get ahold of me and I will happily help you out with this.

If you are needing help with a different kind of project not listed here hit me up we can work something out.

Shoot me an email dianecallaway@gmail.com

Cuckolding Princess Homewrecker Cock Control

We have some great online friends who have some blogs that are just a lot of fun to read. One of our special friends is Cuckolding Princess. She is a lot like myself in that she enjoys cuckolding her men. She gets a little evil smile when she thinks about cock control. Give Cuckolding Princess a call if you really want to know how big a loser you are; well all know that you are one. She has been on Niteflirt since 2007. She has played enough to truly know what she enjoys and how to get both you and her to that fun point.

cuckolding princess3

Most women will sneak around another man’s wife. Cuckolding Princess is not one of those types of girls. She has been known to send a letter to many wives explaining to them why they should cuckold their husbands. There are many times in life when home wrecking is a good thing especially if the wife learns to take control of her household. Cuckolding Princess enjoys giving a complete humiliation. In all ways.cuckolding princess 1


There are two types of men those that Cuckolding Princess enjoys those BBC (big black cock’s) and then yours. Cock size does matter very few of us women will tell you the truth the few of us that are honest will rip your manhood apart. Do you think you can handle the truth or will you fall to your knees babbling about how it is not that small. Real men get what they want and the others become men in panties. Men in panties all learn one lesson first and that is how to properly eat a cream pie left by all those real men.

cuckolding princess4

Go read Cuckolding Princess blog learn about the things that she enjoys playing in:

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Bad Boy Gets A Lock

Anyone who knows me knows that I really enjoy cock cages and own a number of them that I use on a regular basis. A man that is caged up seems to become a much better submissive when the ablity to play with his penis is taken out of the equation. I have enjoyed wearing a key around my neck when out to dinner or spending time with friends. For men it is a huge turn on when I play with that key from across the table or room from him. I do not have to say anything my actions and that shiny key says everything for me. In this case this was one of my online friends who bought a cock cage so that we could play from a distance.  We started out with the brass lock and key. He would freeze the key until I would allow him to unlock himself.




After awhile we went to the numbered plastic keys which work so wonderfully when I can not be with my playmate. He would take pictures of his penis every day with the number key showing. It kept him honest but also was a huge turn on for him.  Some days we would talk but lots of time he couldn’t call me. Having to take time out of his day would be an edger for him. The thought of me having control of his cock when he was unable to actually play added to the fun.

cuckold, cock cages, stainless steel cock cage, cbt, tease and denial, key holder, mistress


For a Mistress the play is far more important the final time of a man being allowed to orgasm.  We like to make a man feel that he is giving himself over to us and we can make him uncomfortable.  The man has to be into it. He has to enjoy the thought of being put on an edge and kept there. When it comes to cock cages the pushing of limits is the appeal of them.



Have you ever thought of letting a woman lock up your member till she decides to allow you to stroke or orgasm in some way?


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